Location of New World Cobalt’s cobalt projects in North America.

Since mid-2017 New World Cobalt has been assembling a portfolio of high-grade cobalt projects in North America. These assets currently comprise:

Collectively these projects comprise a highly prospective portfolio of high-grade cobalt projects all located in stable, pro-mining jurisdictions. Small-scale production has been recorded, historically, at all four projects, with ore grades up to 29% cobalt recorded (at the Goodsprings Project), yet very little modern exploration has been undertaken at any of the projects. Accordingly, there is considerable potential to realise exploration success at all of the projects, which provides the Company the opportunity to help fill the current and forecast medium-term supply shortfall for cobalt, as demand for cobalt, particularly that produced in the developed world, rapidly increases in line with the rapid expansion of the use of batteries, particularly in the electric vehicle sector.